Why This Course?

When it comes to sales, you need to follow a process that makes both you and your potential clients feel good. Without a proper sales process, you will come off as unconfident, pushy, desperate, or even worse... sleazy!
This kit will teach you how to sell like a pro in an authentic way that uses empathy, passion, and leading with service at the forefront.

  • How a sales process makes or breaks your ability to close clients on repeat

  • The mindset you need to achieve everything you desire in your business, which includes having consistent income from actual clients wanting your service

  • Affirmations that will attract an abundance of wealth to you. Become a client magnet by repeating this affirmations daily

  • The sales process, what it is, how to use it, the actual order to do it in, and what to say during each step

  • Step one of the process, finding the right people to get in front of.

  • A workbook to find your dream clients and really map out who you want to reach where.

  • A Prospect Action workbook so you can attract the people who are most likely to want to buy your service and determine where you need to get visible.

  • Step two of the process, connecting to the people that you want to attract in a way that feels genuine and high vibe.

  • Step three of the process, determining who is a good fit and who should keep on moving when it comes to selling out your signature offer.

  • Step four of the process, learning how to invite people to take the next step with you, including my fool-proof script on what to say.

  • Step five of the process, offering your package to the people you can help most. Getting them to say yes to learning more about how you can help them.

  • Step six of the process, getting your prospects to say YES to working together and how to sign them on as a client

  • Overcoming objections is perhaps the most important skill you'll need to master and this lesson is gonna walk you through exactly how to handle each objection that comes up with grace.

  • My workbook so you can map out how to overcome each of the 5 main objections you will hear while going through your discovery calls.

  • How to get a followup call booked on the calendar or a paid deposit on the first call.

  • And putting the entire process together like a pro!


Course curriculum

  • 1

    Cold to Sold: Getting Prospects to Turn Into Your Next Client!

    • Personal Invite From Meliss

    • Welcome

    • As We Begin...

    • WATCH THIS: A message from Meliss Marketing's Head Copy Writer, Jess

    • Mindset of Sales

    • Getting Clients Affirmations

    • Sales Process

    • Prospecting

    • Finding Your Dream Client Guide

    • Prospecting Action Workbook

    • Connecting

    • Customer Relationship Management Prospect Follow Up Sheet

    • Qualifying

    • Join us and get support FOR FREE!

    • Inviting

    • Pitching

    • Closing

    • Overcoming Objections

    • Overcoming Objections Workbook

    • And That's A Wrap!