Why This Course?

In order to best serve your niche, you have to learn about them. Where they need your help? And what's the best way to deliver that to them as the solution? Market research! In this kit, Market Research Like A Boss, you'll learn:

  • What market research really is and why it's important.

  • Surveys: why they're helpful, and how to set them up so you get results you can take action with.

  • We're online business owners which means we spend most of our time online. But are you being intentional with that time, or do you feel like you're throwing pain against a wall to see what sticks? Let's learn how to be intentional with your time online and who to speak with for best results.

  • Facebook Groups are an awesome way to connect with your people! But do you know what you should ask in those groups? Let's find out!

  • The art of the follow-up! Asking a few questions here and there means you're leaving money on the table. I'll teach you some pain-free ways to follow up so you're getting the most detailed feedback towards your offers which means more sales for you.

  • Talking about and explaining market research is a great start, but examples make all the difference! I've included some amazing examples to get you started.

  • You've started your surveys, you've posted in your groups, but now what? Let's talk about what to actually say on the phone and how to conduct your market research with my comprehensive questionnaire now!

  • AMAZING info can be learned from current and past clients, all you have to do is ask! I walk you through what questions you can ask them and what their answers mean for you.

  • Once you're doing market research like a boss, you have to know how to gather all your data and how to analyze it. It's the last step you need to put all this hard work to expert use!

  • Join me and learn how to Market Research Like A Boss!


Course curriculum

  • 1

    Market Research Like A Boss

    • Personal Invite From Meliss

    • Why You Need Market Research

    • As We Begin...

    • WATCH THIS: A message from Meliss Marketing's Head Copy Writer, Jess

    • What is Market Research Really?

    • Identifying Your Strengths

    • Types of Market Research

    • How To Set Up Your Surveys

    • Spending Intentional Time Online and Who To Ask

    • What to Ask in FB Groups

    • Market Research FB Post Examples

    • Conversation Followups

    • Join us and get support FOR FREE!

    • Questions to Ask

    • Phone Script

    • How to Use Your Market Research Interview Questionnaire

    • Market Research Interview Questionnaire

    • AFTER: Current and Past Client Market Research Questions

    • Market Research AFTER: Questions for Current and Past Clients

    • Gathering and Analyzing Data