Why This Course?

You love what you do and you know your clients will too, but how do you price what you do?
If you go too high, you're afraid of hearing a bunch of no's. If you go too low, you'll end up resenting just how much work you're putting into what you do. You are not alone! All entrepreneurs struggle with this, so I broke everything down for you. You'll learn:

  • Pricing mindset

  • One off sessions vs packaging offers

  • How to price on your website

  • Wealth receiving affirmations

  • Results-driven packaging

  • The ultimate formula to price yourself

  • The Rule of One

  • Plus, join us and get support for free. Join me as I help you settle your packaging and pricing now!


Course curriculum

  • 1

    Packaging and Pricing: The Alignment of Knowing What to Offer and For How Much

    • Pricing Mindset

    • Personal Invite From Meliss

    • WATCH THIS: A message from Meliss Marketing's Head Copy Writer, Jess

    • As We Begin...

    • One-off Sessions v. Packaging

    • Pricing On Your Website

    • 50 Wealth Receiving Affirmations

    • Results Driven Packaging

    • Join us and get support FOR FREE!

    • Ultimate Formula to Price Yourself Right

    • What's next?

    • The Rule of ONE