Why This Course?

Do you feel like you're spending all your work time wasting time? Do you feel like every time you scroll Facebook or Instagram that everyone else around you seems to be creating twice as many courses and programs as you? Not anymore!
Let's get the SH*T DONE!!!

  • Let's learn about time management! First I'll help you through how to do your own time audit and you'll learn all about what time management actually is.

  • Next, you'll go deep into your mindset around time and how to shift that. I'll walk you through an actual strategy on how to get more done as well as helping you gain clarity around your goals.

  • Do you like lists? I love lists! I'll break down different types of lists and how to use them and we'll learn how to prioritize so you can start getting more done.

  • B O U N D A R I E S. It's a big buzzword right now, but let's talk about how to set boundaries so you can focus on TIME.

  • Project Management tools. Why do you need them? How do you use them? I break all of that info down for you as well as give you access to my favorite and how I use it in my own business.

  • Time blocking and time management affirmations to help you start taking control of your time!

  • Focus mode ON! Let's learn how to focus, what apps and tools can help, and strategies to get more done.

  • Finally we're gonna talk about how calendar planning can help remove some guilt and how daily themes can help with that.

  • Then I'm going to walk you through how to put it all together so you can Get Sh*t Done!


Course curriculum

  • 1

    Get Sh*t Done

    • Intro to Time Management

    • As we begin...

    • WATCH THIS: A message from Meliss Marketing's Head Copy Writer, Jess

    • Time Audit

    • The Mindset Around Time

    • How to Manage Your Time and Get More Done

    • Clarity and Movement Towards Your Goals

    • Lists GALORE!

    • Prioritizing and boundaries

    • Join us and get support FOR FREE!

    • Project Management Walkthrough

    • Project Management Master List

    • Focused Action and Intentional Direction

    • Time Blocking Walkthrough

    • Time Blocking and Goal Setting Workbook

    • Time Study with Clockify

    • 150 Time Management Affirmations

    • Focus Mode... ON

    • Calendar Planning + Guilt Removal

    • Day Themes

    • What's next?

    • You Will Get Sh*t Done