Why This Course?

Want to make more money? Is your relationship with money on-point, or do you have some healing to do? Combine the practical strategy and the money mindset you need to unleash your inner money-making DIVA.

  • Let's dive in together with 13 in-depth lessons, starting with how to budget. I even give you my budget calculator to help you uncover how much you need to be profitable in your business monthly.

  • I teach you how to love money and how to fix your relationship with money as well as a custom meditation on manifesting money. I also teach you how to organize your finances and give you the spreadsheet I swear by!

  • I want to talk about your money mindset! We'll talk about your worthiness mindset when it comes to money and I'll teach you how to make your own money making mantras. All of this info for $7 so you can start watching the money come your way!


Course curriculum

  • 1

    The Ultimate Make Money Kit

    • Intro To Making Money

    • As We Begin...

    • WATCH THIS: A message from Meliss Marketing's Head Copy Writer, Jess

    • How To Budget Your Money

    • Budget Calulator

    • How To Love Money So It Loves You Back

    • Letter to Money

    • Join us and get support FOR FREE!

    • Money Manifestation Meditation

    • Money Mantras

    • Getting PAID! Turning a real profit

    • Profit First

    • Profit First Bank Account Breakdown

    • What's next?

    • Worthy of Money